With the rise of digitalization as a prime source of marketing, irrespective of how small or giant your association is, it is extremely mandatory to maintain a digital presence. The digital industry advances and variates at a whirlwind fast pace, which is why the requirement of an effective digital marketing agency has become vital. We, at “Adiontek” deliver “Digital Marketing” results that will not just improve the influence of your brand digitally, but will also benefit in advancing and boosting the conversion rates. We construct justifiable digital marketing advantages that will drive and hold onto the visitors to your website. Our team of qualified expertise works relentlessly to render you 360˚ digital advertising facilities that aid in creating interactions beyond all the operational marketing modes. From launching your brand online to increase its visibility and traffic, rendering an effective lead generation to improvising on the ultimate conversion optimization… We do it all! We have always visualized being an extension of our clienteles’ marketing panels, to render online digital marketing solutions, that eventually both the sides will be satisfied and proud of.

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What We Do …

  • We facilitate a collection of picks from all sorts of digital marketing that can effectively speed up your brand’s digital presence
  • Perform a thorough market examination to connect your brand with the related masses.
  • Put together an appealing content
  • Make sure that both we and our clientele work together in a directive to produce a reliable message via the online campaigns.
  • We swiftly surge the traffic on your website to boost your online existence.
  • Our key strategy is to dominate your marketing channels online, which can further produce a customer’s digital lead.

Our Digital Marketing Services Include:

  1.     SEO
  2.     SMM
  3.     Email-Marketing
  4.     Content Marketing
  5.     Pay per click

1)     Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – If your online audience is not able to find you in the searches on the first page of the Google results, that means you have effectively not reached up to them. Don’t worry, we will help you to bridge this gap between you and your target audience. We assist you in defining your SEO intentions and foster an accurate approach that helps you in accomplishing the looked-for results within your budget.

2)     Social Media Marketing (SMM) – The social media tool has emerged as a very strong medium of expression and marketing in today’s digital world. Our qualified team of “Social Media Marketing” experts make sure to keep up with all the up-to-date fluctuations from multiple digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, to keep their social media operations effective. Our “Social Media Marketing” facilities provide social media exploration to bring in better results.

Our key pointer while working on SMM is

  • Platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & More
  • We maximally build your following audience across multiple channels
  • Make sure that your followers are actively engaged with daily posting
  • Aiming at specific keywords, slogans, and subjects pertinent to your brand/organization
  • Constant social media supervising, including identification and response
  • Create productive and pleasing content
  • Our marketing tips and tricks assure to returns your monetary investments with a profit margin
  • Track all the day to day results for smooth functioning

3)     Email-marketing – Even though it sounds a little not so digital and out-dated, Email-Marketing has been the primary choice of various organizations around the globe, as a means of communication with their targeted audiences. Emails are frequently used to endorse the content, announced discounts and keep the masses aware of the upcoming events, to direct people to the company’s website. The kinds of emails we send in an email marketing drive include:

  • Blog subscription circulars to your targeted audience.
  • Follow-up emails to the website invitees who at some point download a few things from your website.
  • Customer welcoming emails to project friendliness and professionalism.
  • Holiday promotional emails to pre-existing audiences.

4)     Content Marketing – Content marketing sounds a little bizarre isn’t it? It is not as quick and easy as social media marketing. But it is indeed very effective. Content marketing is all about creating and promoting the content resources for the sole purpose of creating brand awareness, boosting your website’s traffic growth, surging your lead generation, and enticing the customers. What we include in our content marketing is:

  • Blog posts – We all are aware of blogging, right? Almost every individual who likes to express his thought on certain topics and issues is a blogger. What we incorporate blogs as, in the marketing of your website, is by lettering and publishing the piece of writings on your company’s blog page. This will help you to validate your industry proficiency and create organic search traffic leads for your digital business. This eventually will end up giving you more occasions to convert your website visitors into potential leads for your sales squad.
  • Infographics – Every so often, the readers and subscribers will want you to be showing, not telling. This is where Infographics come into the frame. It is a form of visual pictorial content that aids the website visitors to envision a concept, which you want to support them pick up.

5)     Pay per click – A very trending and easy way to invigorate your website with superior traffic and witness your conversion leads boosting, is what pay per click is all about. The digital searches are full of masses, seeking out for responses and explanations to their questions and problems. During the course of the use of our “Pay per Click” management facilities, you can attract new clientele to your business instantly. The benefits of our PPC advertisement services are:

  • Always find your website at the top of the Google search results
  • Bull’s eye your supreme search phrases
  • Intensifies your web traffic and generates capable leads
  • Fetches you instantaneous results