What is Social Media Marketing?

The steps that you take promote your business utilizing content on several social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, is known as Social Media Marketing. It is not a one-size-fits-all kind of a marketing strategy. Your content needs to be unique and tailored to your specific needs and the audience of the platform. This will aid you in directing traffic, boosting conversions, and increasing your brand awareness. It is not like putting up a billboard in a crowded area and walking away to let it do its magic. Social media is where your brand personally meets your target audience, interacts with them, offers them what they need, and convert them into customers.

Social Media Marketing Services

As stated above, your social media marketing strategy cannot involve launching one piece of content at one platform and replicating it on others. Social Media can prove to be incredibly beneficial for your business but your strategy needs to differ from one social network to another. And to do this, you need to know a little more about all the social media platforms

1. Facebook

Facebook is the king of all social media platforms (partly because it owns half of them). It is the most used platform by both marketers and consumers, this is the platform with which you begin your social media journey. Facebook offers you some of the best social media marketing tools according to the Sprout Social 2019 Index. Here are some important statistics about Facebook (Sprout Index):

  • 89% of marketers use Facebook for business for marketing their brand
  • 83% of users visit the platform daily.
  • 66% are followers of at least a single brand on the platform.
  • Facebook had attracted 2.6 million monthly active users by the first quarter of 2020.

As of April 2020, India, India ranks first in the size of Facebook’s user base. It is the best for marketing B2C products and services while creating impactful awareness for your brand.

2. Instagram

Instagram is a networking service whose primary model is based on sharing photos and using hashtags for social media marketing. But Instagram is the most dynamic of all social media platforms with new features rolling in every few months. Instagram was the first to introduce the ‘story’ feature which now can be found on Whatsapp and Facebook. In 2019, it launched IGTV for longer videos which were earlier limited to a minute, and now with it has come up with ‘Reels’ within days of TikTok being banned by the Government of India. Instagram has more of a young user base with half of its users being 34 years and younger. Here are some statistical insights for Instagram

  • According to Instagram, more than 90% of its user base follow a business.
  • 89% of marketers say that Instagram is the best platform for Influencer Marketing.
  • 500 million and more users visit Instagram Stories every day.

Now, that is a whole lot of marketing space. But the standard marketing techniques don’t work here. It is a great space to engage and communicate with your audience and other brands while offering them a little more than just your product.

3. Twitter

Content marketing and blogging took a drastic 180 degree-turn with the micro blogging site, Twitter. It has been running as one of the top social media platforms. It is the best place if you’re a new business and want to be discovered. Twitter usage become increasingly predominant in times of major events. Registered users can read and post tweets as well as follow other users via update feed, and re-tweet the posts that resonate with them. Live-tweeting takes over during sporting events or television airings and it has become a popular way for consumers to engage online with others with similar interests and also communicate with the brand. Here is some data for Twitter:

  • People are 26% more likely to view ads on Twitter than any other platform
  • Twitter becomes the top platform for discovery because 79% of users like to discover what’s new

Twitter is a great place to engage and communicate about your brand’s offerings, its principles, and thoughts with the audience and other brands. Twitter battles between brands are a real thing and a great marketing gimmick.


4. LinkedIn

While LinkedIn is a professional networking site where you can’t really sell your product, it is a great place for employee marketing, brand awareness, and increase your B2B lead generation. It is one of the highest social media platforms ranked in terms of active users and even tops Facebook in generating leads. Here are some LinkedIn insights:

  • LinkedIn is 277% more effective than Facebook in generating leads.
  • 95% of content marketers use LinkedIn to market their B2B services.
  • 90 million users of LinkedIn are involved in Influencer marketing and are at senior management positions which help in LinkedIn lead generation.

LinkedIn is a platform used best to market your B2B services, engage with similar brands, acquire talent through presenting the cultural environment of your company, and so much more.

Apart from these major social media platforms, there are so many others which you can utilize to create a comprehensive social media strategy such as, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, Medium, and more.

What are the Benefits of Social Media Marketing?

  •  Increase Brand Awareness:
    You’ve set up your business, a high-powered website and a sturdy sales funnel. But now, you need to invite people. How do you do that? Social media is a great tool to let the world know that you’ve arrived. With likes, comments, shares, tweets, and a lot more, you can greatly boost your engagement which leads to traffic. You can include links to your pages, your website, and your products to let people find you.
  • Generate Leads and Boost Conversion:
    If people have already followed your account, your target audience is set. It’s time to advertise to these people which will lead to a high rate of conversions. You can give them offers, discounts, bonuses, and free goods through social media to get them to buy your product.
  • Healthy Relationships with Customers:
    In today’s world, marketing is much more than simple advertising. You need to build healthy relationships with your customers and social media advertising is the way to do it. These platforms are best for engaging with your audience, telling them your story, making your brand a part of their daily life.
  • Learn from Your Competitors:
    You can know all you that you need about your competitor, their strategy, and their products. This can prove to be a huge benefit for you as you can study what’s working and what’s not for your competition and tweak your strategy accordingly.